One of Endless Night

Posted: January 30, 2013 by prometheus117 in Uncategorized

Age of Gods is over.

The Age of Man is coming closer.

I am now grand composer.

I shall write ballads about a beast.

Who willl fill its belly on the idiots that it will feast.

Cities will burn and the heavens will fall.

My return to grace none shall forestall.

I can move mountains and bend the wills of every man.

I am the last of a once godlike clan.

My powers of persuasion around beyond your comprehension.

My aims are greater than anything you could ever mention.

I hold all cards in my hand.

You are about to witness something grand.

As I am raised from the slums to my own kingdom of gold.

I am doing something that not even Nostradamus could have foretold.

As you see I have thought long about my goal.

I will do anything to accomplish it, even sell my soul.

You do not know me or where I have been.

My greatest battles are within.

I are driven by pride and consumed by hate.

I am arrogant enough to challenge fate.

I see no end sight.

Now you are in my world, one of endless night.

  1. Mrs. Linville's seventh-grade language arts class says:

    This is a very imaginative, well-written poem. We admire your creativity and use of detailed, vivid words. We would suggest changing “are” to “am” in the fourth line from the bottom and also adding the word “in” in the second-to-last line. Thank you for sharing your poetry!