Posted: January 29, 2013 by Ethan G in EthanG

Today I saw a bombing in Israel,
A flooding in Argentina,
An apartment fire in New York.
Today I saw a child bullied in South Africa,
A man have a heart attack in London,
A gang shooting in Compton.
Today I saw a sakura cut down in Japan,
A man lose his keys in Germany,
A woman spill her coffee in Sweden.
Today a saw a vaccine discovery in France,
A song written in Australia,
A penguin lay an egg in Antarctica.
Today I saw a life saved in Mexico,
A flower bloom in Florida,
A girl fall in love just a few blocks over.

  1. alisonadkins says:

    I like how random the things are in this piece and how you used different locations each time.

  2. lukacsbetsy says:

    I like the transition between death and life, and also the transitions from the global issues to the smaller mishaps.

  3. kaileed7 says:

    This poem shows that all over the world there are many different things going on, that no matter where you go there will be constant happenings. I really like the reality of this piece.

  4. gracianarose13 says:

    I love the feel of chaos in this one.

  5. I really like the specific details in this poem and how you move from tragedy to hope. Love the last line, too.