I am..

Posted: January 29, 2013 by cooperbaxtertrinityjustin11 in TrinityC

I am caring and lovable.

I wonder if my decisions were different what my life would be now.

I hear the sound of a big city roaring at night, the sound of a big dream.

I see the lights flashing as I pass them by, like dreams floating in the air.

I want to live a life with no loss or sadness, I want to live out my dreams.

I am caring and lovable.

I pretend not to worry about most things, except trying to live to my expectations for myself.

I feel trapped, almost as if sometimes there’s no way out.

I touch the sky and wonder more about whats beyond.

I worry of things going wrong, things that I try to fix just messing up.

I cry for the loved one’s that has passed, always remembered.

I am caring and lovable.

I understand that your decisions make you and your life, they’re everything.

I say they’re waiting for me, it’s not goodbye, I’ll see you later.

I dream of being at they’re side, making my life worth it while I still have time.

I try to do what’s best in every situation, even the worst of the worst.

I hope that once I’m old, even dying that my life was everything I wanted it to be.

I am caring and lovable.


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