First to a Long Hobby

Posted: January 29, 2013 by josephcolley in JosephC

I remember the first time I touched a video game.
I remember my brother handing me the Nintendo 64 controller.
I remember playing Ocarina of Time.
I remember running through Hyrule field.
I remember the game’s moon coming up as a wolf howled to signify night time.
I remember the Stalphos coming from the ground.
I remember getting scared and tossing my controller.
I remember trying again the next day.
I remember defeating the stalphos until daylight.
I remember the empowering music playing in the background.
I remember getting all of the items throughout the game.
I remember defeating Gannon, restoring peace to Hyrule
And I remember the first time my brother called me a gamer.

  1. Ethan G says:

    I love the ending. Also, I still haven’t gotten around to playing this game on that rom you got me. This piece really makes me want to get to it and stop wasting time on Dark Souls.