Posted: January 29, 2013 by josephcolley in JosephC

10th day of being bullied in a row.
the crowd of people wave over me.
Their words let me know I’m unwelcomed.
Constant chants. “Atheist. Fatso. Roly Poly.”
Am I not meant to be here?
I’m not lonely though.
my friends are swarmed around me,
brighter than the wave of shallowness
and pain brought by others.
I’m slowly starting to realize; I do belong here.
Russell Johnson comes up to me.
“For God” he says, as he punches me in the face.
I grab his fist on the second punch
twist his arm around and elbow him in the nose.
He runs away and I stand tall.
I belong here.

  1. Ethan G says:

    I like the repetition of “I belong here.” Also, I realize I keep posting on yours for some reason, but I guess that’s because I relate to yours best being a fellow gamer and whatnot.