Posted: January 29, 2013 by josephcolley in JosephC

She doesn’t believe me.
I tell her she’s beautiful.
I tell her she’s nice.
I say she’s the best in the world
Must I say it thrice?
She has the cutest smile
and the nicest voice
She’s so sweet I feel like
She’ll give me Diabetes.
Why can’t she believe me?

She returns the favor.
She says I’m what she loves most.
She says that I’m cute.
She says that I’m.. Sweet.
Then I realize
I don’t believe her.

  1. gracianarose13 says:

    The “She’s so sweet I feel like she’ll give me Diabetes” line made me giggle. It’s cute and funny.

  2. sonyaashby says:

    I actually said “oooooh!” out loud when I got to the last sentence! What wonderful insight into self perception. Well done.