Trevor.. by Kelsey Crum

Posted: October 10, 2012 by kelseycrum2015 in KelseyC

I asked to forget about you

But you still pop up in my mind

I gave you what I could

But in the end it all failed

I gave you what you wanted

But you were never happy

I tried to make things work,

To not be so upset,

To just keep trying,

Nothing ever worked.

So I gave up,

Which depressed me even more

You don’t know

How much your words

Hurt me

And you don’t know

That my heart still longs for you,

Even though my mind screams “No!”

You don’t know

How much it would mean to me

If you at least

Told me how you feel

Instead of being distant

It would give me closure

To know how you feel

I asked to forget about you,

But my heart won’t let me


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