I Wasn’t Ready

Posted: October 10, 2012 by alisonadkins in AllisonA

My mother cheers for me
as I’m standing on the mound
trying to strike out the batter.
1,2,3 – she’s out.
Heading toward the dugout
a scream catches my attention.
It’s my sister.
My mom was laying motionless on the ground
next to my aunt.
Everyone surrounds her trying to get her awake.
Nothing works.
As we call for an ambulance,
the team gathers in the dugout to pray.
We see the ambulance approaching
after what seems like forever.
Hurrying to the hopsital, I pray and pray
that this ain’t the end.
We arrive and wait to hear the news.
My aunt comes out, her head down and
all I hear is,
“I’ll take good care of you.”
The tears flooded from my face.
My mother was gone.

And I wasn’t ready.


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