I Am A Dreamer.

Posted: October 10, 2012 by cooperbaxtertrinityjustin11 in TrinityC, Uncategorized

I am a Dreamer.

By Trinity Cooper

I see myself soaring through the sky, the sunset so beautiful over the mountains.

I am the rosebush in the backyard, soft with rose red petals, but sharp with thorns.


Definition— A Beautiful Lie.

I am the bubbles that can’t be popped, the bubbles that never float down

but always float up, shining in the light with a million different colors.

I am the color Yellow, bright and loud with love and a twist.

What’s real?

Death is real, pain is real.

The loss of a loved one, somebody that you never thought you could lose.

The harsh reality of realizing their gone.

Realizing your regrets , mistakes you want to take back.

That’s Real.

  1. vjbc21 says:

    Great poem…

  2. katlynmollett says:

    This poem is very beautiful. I love the line “What is real?”. I felt like you were speaking from your heart; this is a lovely poem.