Why Me

Posted: April 17, 2012 by zachd18385 in ZachD

I ask God, “Why me, why my father.”  It’s not fair to my siblings and I.  I’m sick of the drugs and the lies and the women in my father’s life, in my life.  I want to get out, I need to get out.  It is ridiculous when every penny of your money goes to the drugs that you take.  It would be nice to not think of my father this way but it is impossible.  Drugs are his life now, not me.  On top of his actions when he does drugs, the hysterical actions when he is without is mind blowing.  I like to think about my life when my father was loving and caring.  He was a father then, now he is just a drug addict.  Will this ever end, will I get a new beginning?  I tell myself that I will never do the things that my father does, like sacrificing the bill money on drugs or alcohol.  But what if I do?  I want to get out, I need to get out.


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