Posted: January 11, 2012 by zachd18385 in ZachD

It’s very saddening to have to put my family through

This.  They seem to not mind to take care of me but

I feel like I am a burden.  As the cancer spread through

My lungs it starts to hurt more and more.  I am ready to

Go but my family is not.  I have been holding on to see if

My family can make it without me, and they are strong.

I believe that I am ready after all of the hair loss and the

Cancer.  I feel like I am just worthless now.  I put

A smile on my face like a mask.  Maybe my family can

See through it.  They can tell that I am losing my mind

And I can’t hold on much longer.  I try to control what I

Say but my mouth moves and I don’t even know what is

Coming out.  I do not regret any of my decisions in my life

But I am ready to go.  Goodbye loved ones.


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