Memories Last A Lifetime.

Posted: January 9, 2012 by briannaadkins in BriannaA

Four-thousand-three-hundred-twenty. That’s how many days I have to choose from. How do I pick one as the most memorable?

The day my grandparents came to Florida, and my entire family was with me for Christmas? The day I first learned to ride a bike? The day my little brother came into the world? The night I had my very first sleepover? The day I got my first straight A’s?

I don’t remember the days in whole, just the moments. I don’t remember that Christmas Day in Florida. I remember the smell of the West Virginia air radiating from my mamaw’s shirt when I wrapped my arms around her. I don’t remember the time I first learned to ride a bike. I remember the feeling of independence I got from being on my own. I don’t remember the day my little brother was born. I remember holding his fragile body in my arms for the first time, so frightened I would drop him. I don’t remember the night I first stayed with a friend. I remember the feeling of panic and wanting to call home, but eventually finding comfort in my best friend.

I don’t remember the days. I just remember the moments.

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