The Current

Posted: December 9, 2011 by briannaadkins in BriannaA

My brother’s words soothed me,

convinced me it would be okay.

We walked toward the rising water


peering over the bank.

The water was so high and mighty like a king upon his throne.

He stepped in first, planting his feet in the wet soil below.

He was taller and strong than I was.

Easily, he inched his way across to the middle of the creek.

He motioned me in.

Every being in my tiny body said no, but

how could I let my big brother down?

My feet went first, then my legs.

The water covered the lower part of my body, to my belly button.

It was cold and moved swiftly, but I couldn’t turn back now.

I took two steps and looked up.

Jeremy was already out of this death trap, sitting at the edge of the bank on the other side, an encouraging look written on his face.

I lost focus, as well as my balance.

The current swept me under and so easily moved my body downstream.

A hand firmly grabbed mine, dragging me quickly out of the rushing water and onto dry land.

Daddy to the rescue.

And, finally, I was safe again.

  1. aburroway says:

    “The water was so high and mighty like a king upon his throne.”

    That is such a powerful line.