When I Was Young…

Posted: December 8, 2011 by briannaadkins in BriannaA

When I was young in the sunshine state, I played at Mamaw Donna’s house with my big brother. We pretended our kiddie pool was the ocean and sent our pink and red Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger action figures in to save the day. Sometimes we rode our bikes on the paved road outside the fence. Jeremy was allowed past the length of the yard, and I was not.

When I was young in the sunshine state, my family all lived under one tiny roof. My favorite room was the living room, where I sang and danced to any commercial on the television. Sometimes I stood on the counter and sang “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth” while Mamaw Donna baked sugar cookies. In the evenings, Dad took Jeremy and me to the alligator park to pick Mom up from work. It was damp there, and the smell of the swampy water always burnt the inside of my nose.

When I was young in the  sunshine state, I spent every other weekend at Dayton Beach. It was filled with nice people, and the chocolate ice cream we got made my mouth water. When I rushed into the ocean, the waves of water over took my tiny body, pulling me down to swim with the fishes. The water tasted terrible in my mouth, salty and bitter. I spent my time scanning the water for sharks, my favorite sea creature. I tried my best to swim with one, but they never came close to shore.

When I was young in the sunshine state, I was innocent. I wasn’t aware of the problems in the world or within the family that surrounded me. I smiled and laughed constantly. I hade my father, a man I held to the highest peak. I had my mother, my big brother, Mamaw Donna. I had a family.

When I was young in the sunshine state, I had happiness, and I would give anything to get it back.


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