The Ride.

Posted: December 8, 2011 by alisonadkins in AllisonA

One by one, the line moved up.
Anxiously awaiting my turn
hands shaking, and my heart racing.
I watched others go up
and drop suddenly.
Then it was my turn.

I climbed in, sat there,
and we were off.
The coaster shook as we climbed,
my eyes closed the whole time.
A quick peak and the drop off was there.

Down we went, a straight drop.
My stomached turned
and the coaster did a loopty-loop.
and another after that.

Riders were screaming,
and so was I.
We suddenly stopped and it was over.
Just like that,
the fun had ended.

  1. I felt like as if I was on the ride reading this. Ive expierienced something like this and it just brought back all the memories of that scary coaster

  2. briannaadkins says:

    This reminds me of why I HATE roller coasters. The piece was really good and descriptive.