my mother always wanted

Posted: December 8, 2011 by deidrabrowning in DeDeB

a sweet girly girl daughter

so she dressed me up in dresses


i wore them all

until she made me wear them everyday

i stoppes,silencly

then my mother wanted a cheerleader,so i could look so addorable

flipping and twisting ive done it all

i finally got the courage to say i didnt want to do that anymore

i quit with courage

my mother then convinced me to be a little dancer

at first i loved it i would dance all the time

i fianally said after a while i dont like danceing all the time’

i told my mom to let me do what i want to do

when will parents learn

  1. Very nice choice of words. I feel like parents should let us expierience things in life on our own and make our own choices.

  2. briannaadkins says:

    You’re mom reminds me a lot of my mom. Eventually, she’ll learn.