Forever and Never

Posted: December 8, 2011 by aburroway in AdamB

The days felt like hours

The minutes ran so fast

This day I seemed to notice,

was not too long to last.

The you I knew

The you I loved

Was all brand new to me.

A different stare

A different meaning

As the waves came from the sea.

The moonlight shone on the chrashing tides

but your eyes were even brighter.

Lit up my world

Like the earth and sun

I wished this night would last forever.

You layed your head upon my chest

As we looked up at the stars

and the tide gathered around us

Prtecting us at all cost.

A simple line

A simple verse

I sang to you each night,

Like a story around bedtime

or a movie without sight.

The pictures danced

The image swayed

As your heart was held so close.

The feelings matched

The mood was set

I knew my dreams had now come true.

  1. deidrabrowning says:

    this is so right because the days do feel like hours sometimes

  2. I love how you express your true feelings about someone