do i remember

Posted: December 8, 2011 by deidrabrowning in DeDeB

do I remember? I sure do

that day in mid August

we had that connection right from the start

our hearts was fluttering with happiness

that day at work was so busy,but we still put a smile on our faces

the sight of you made me smile big

our conversation was not long at all

we did not tell people at first

our co-workers had no idea about us

our eyes connected like a baby’s first look at its mom

as the days went by,i started having feelings and so did you

i knew our life would end,someday

my heart is filled with excitement everyday

like a mom seeing her first baby walk for the first time

I wanted to say in that moment with you

until the world ends our hearts are one

  1. Love the detail in this & how you described yall’s first look like a baby and a mother