I’m free

Posted: September 1, 2011 by deidrabrowning in DeDeB

I am a dreamer

I want to be free,

but instead Im trapped

I see myself as one lonely person,

a smile nobody ever seems to see.

I am a caring person too.

I am a person who has feelings

I am harder than a rock.

not a strong man,thats mean and wrong

basking in bubbles in the moonlight

dark and scared,

bright and beautiful and blonde

Not as me

Not as me

Dont relate me to a man,

I am neither strong or big.

Dont say i’m a bird,I can not fly

Dont match my wings to a black spiders spider web

Please feel my passion,just brush me off your shoulders

Glance my way and see that I’m not gone

Watch me cry,though i do compare to a cry baby

watch me mourn with sun,as raindrops fall from up ahead.

I have a heart thats brighter than the sun,

Watch these words become my wings,

and then,

Watch me be free.

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