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Cherry Blossoms

Posted: June 3, 2011 by MarandaLynnell in MarandaM

I am a tree. Cherry Blossom to be exact. I am planted in the yard of the Henry family. I’ve seen many days, and even more seasons. Years ago, when I had just started to grow, the Henry family moved in. It was just a women and a man. A cute couple.
As the family grew, I did too. Soon just after five years, I had grown up like magic. Every year I watched as the children came out to play, and I felt them as they pulled on my branches.
Over those years, I watched each kid take their first steps outside, it was so amazing. I watched the man build swing sets and jungle gyms, for the kids. I even felt when he tied a tire swing to my thickest branch. I’ve seen it all.
Each season came new things to bare. With spring came harsh wind and storms, summer brought heat and humidity, fall brought me going dead, losing my beautiful leaves, and winter brought me death and sadness. But each spring I would fully bloom. I’d put on my flowery pink dress. I love when the winds blew it around, I was dancing. Dancing in the wind. In the summer, i would lose my pink dress, but put on a green one. I loved feeling the warm summer breeze, loved seeing the kids out playing, and a night having them sleep under me. In the fall, well fall and winter, I lost everything, my dress came off, and I got cold. Winter’s were awful, every year when the children came out all bundled, I wish myself, that I was all bundled up too. But winters here don’t last long. And soon, it was back to spring.
With each season that passed, I knew I was getting closer to my limit, my death, my falling over and rotting. Fifty years after the Henry family moved in, I’d seen my last spring, A few months into winter, I felt my branches falling off, my last branch fell at the peak of spring. I am no longer the huge pink dressed tree. I am dead and fallen over.
But I do know one thing that doesn’t hurt me, even though I died, somewhere in the world,
another tree is being planted, or sprouting up. And that makes me happy.



Posted: June 3, 2011 by Austin Smith in AustinS

My dog’s picture sits below my television set, while I’m watching TV. Memories flood my mind each time I glance upon it. I used to have such fun times with her each time I came home from school. My parents bought her when I was young in the second grade. We played with each other each time I came home from school, and whenever I went outside. I believe she died due to a swollen part on her leg busting open and becoming infected, as she used to have an enormous bump hanging from it; however, it was nowhere to be found once she had died. I wish these memories of my dog were real once more.

To the Apathetic, to the Empty

Posted: June 2, 2011 by BrandonConley in BrandonC

Do not fight that which will inevitably control you.

Acknowledge its power, its worth.

Allow it to roam freely inside of you

Twisting, jerking…writhing into your very core.

Grant it full control.

Allow it to speak to you…motivate you.

Feel its warmth radiating out of you.

The beauty of its intentions

Flooding your hollow skull with ideas…urges.

Make no attempts to control these urges.

They are pure. Innate.

Allow your mind to become saturated with the fervent heat of perversion.

When you stab…

Stab angrily. Stab with overwhelming fury. Plunge deeply.

When you torture…

Do so without exhibiting an ounce of mercy, a shred of sympathy.

When you kill…

Kill because you can.

Kill because your victims are exactly that…yours.

Yours to slice and stab.

To rip and tear.

To rape and mutilate.

They are your entertainment, your possession.

Kill without guilt, remorse, or contrition. (Other words for weakness.)

Exterminate the young and the old

The rich and the poor

The strong and the weak

The sinners and the saints

The scholars and the stupid

The beautiful and the hideous

The perfect and the worthless.

Eliminate them

Because human beings are the lowest and most miserable form of life.

Kill them because murder is the ultimate display of power…

The highest form of ecstasy.

Just Another Post

Posted: June 2, 2011 by lhsadkins in TannerA

I sit here

Slowly, ignorantly thinking of pathetic things to jot down on this keyboard.

Things pass through

But nothing seems significant enough to explain.

Nothing seems satisfying to me.

Trying to get rid of the obvious fact that I hate many things.

Things continue to float through

Like a leaf, that has just fell in the fall.

When does it land?

Where does it land?

Why does it land?

Does it even land?

Its unexplainable.

Is this even a poem?

or am I just simply typing things on a keyboard.

Still, unexplainable.

Are you sure you do things the “right” way?

Or is it “your” way.

Still, unexplainable.

Bad News

Posted: June 2, 2011 by melissa2012 in MelissaH

What is with me when I get bad news? During the summer vacation of 2010, my friend Ansliegh and I were talking. Mary was there, also. The whole conversation took a turn for the worse. She started talking about her dad and how he died a few months before. This is what started the chain of events. When she started to talk about her dad, I was thinking of something funny that happened the previous week. I wanted to laugh out loud. I let a few chuckles out, but they didn’t notice. I almost lost ot when she said that she felt him in his spiritual form. Luckily, I found enough strength in me to stop for a minute. I tried to explain to them that I was just happy that he was with her even after he had passed on. All was going well until she said the she felt a cold breeze lay with her on the couch. That is when everything fell apart. I completely lost control. I didn’t realize how hard I was laughing until I saw them staring at me. I started to feel bad, but I couldn’t stop. Maybe this is how I deal with sad things such as death.  This only happens in person. Never on the phone.

A Man’s Hands

Posted: June 2, 2011 by MarandaLynnell in MarandaM

His hands are cracked and dry like desert sand. They are compassionate and soft, on the inside.
As you look in those hands, you’ll see a hard-working man, and man who puts 110% in everything. Hands that are rough but gentle with children. Someone who is full of love, full of a nurturing touch. Those hands are wild like a storm,
but calm as a lake when everything falls back into place.

If Only

Posted: June 2, 2011 by Preston E. Hepler in PrestonH

If only I could Protect you

From the cruel world,

The sorrow

If only I could hold you,

And you feel invincible

I’d never let you go from my life

I’d listen to your every thought

When everything is resentful,

I wouldn’t be

You’d never be uncomfortable,

Think you’re in harms way

I’d keep you in my thoughts, in my prayers

If only I could protect you

Keep you from the cruel world

If only I could make no mistakes

I’d never bother you

Only love you

Always here,

Protecting you from the pain

You are everything to me,

And I am yours,