Cherry Blossoms

Posted: June 3, 2011 by MarandaLynnell in MarandaM

I am a tree. Cherry Blossom to be exact. I am planted in the yard of the Henry family. I’ve seen many days, and even more seasons. Years ago, when I had just started to grow, the Henry family moved in. It was just a women and a man. A cute couple.
As the family grew, I did too. Soon just after five years, I had grown up like magic. Every year I watched as the children came out to play, and I felt them as they pulled on my branches.
Over those years, I watched each kid take their first steps outside, it was so amazing. I watched the man build swing sets and jungle gyms, for the kids. I even felt when he tied a tire swing to my thickest branch. I’ve seen it all.
Each season came new things to bare. With spring came harsh wind and storms, summer brought heat and humidity, fall brought me going dead, losing my beautiful leaves, and winter brought me death and sadness. But each spring I would fully bloom. I’d put on my flowery pink dress. I love when the winds blew it around, I was dancing. Dancing in the wind. In the summer, i would lose my pink dress, but put on a green one. I loved feeling the warm summer breeze, loved seeing the kids out playing, and a night having them sleep under me. In the fall, well fall and winter, I lost everything, my dress came off, and I got cold. Winter’s were awful, every year when the children came out all bundled, I wish myself, that I was all bundled up too. But winters here don’t last long. And soon, it was back to spring.
With each season that passed, I knew I was getting closer to my limit, my death, my falling over and rotting. Fifty years after the Henry family moved in, I’d seen my last spring, A few months into winter, I felt my branches falling off, my last branch fell at the peak of spring. I am no longer the huge pink dressed tree. I am dead and fallen over.
But I do know one thing that doesn’t hurt me, even though I died, somewhere in the world,
another tree is being planted, or sprouting up. And that makes me happy.

  1. Tango says:

    In the midst of a fallen tree new things can always grow….and that makes me happy…