To Lend A Helping Shovel

Posted: June 1, 2011 by BrandonConley in BrandonC

We’re the ones set aside to feel the weight of the world.

The ones who turn pain pills into piss for you.

And what do we get?

A free coffin and a burial plot.

We live exiled in your mouth.

Blow us back from where we came…

Give us all the gunpowder we can handle.

Gives us your bombs and missiles and mortar fire…

And see if we still do your bidding.

Crazy eyes, as bright and listless as a solar flare

Move furiously to the beat of the warhorses as they gallop

Nodding heads, flooding lungs.

And we were always black

Like the crispy little bodies, still smoldering.

We were always black as coal.

You’re in the line of fire now

On the front lines.

And you still can’t see.

“I see insects crawling



In and out of your rebel mouth.”

They said

And repeat. And we all


That blood is red.

And we all


Their blood was red.

They step back from their position

As if they

May burn with remorse.

But, upon seeing that which is red

They recoil in terror.

And like a midnight arsonist

Flee, heads turned skyward.

They walk aimlessly behind the sun

Beyond pools of red.

Through bodies decorating the fields like lawn ornaments.

And, knives in hand, we walk

behind the sun

after them.


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