I Suppose I’ve Fallen Ill

Posted: March 18, 2011 by BrandonConley in BrandonC

I soak in the light of day…

Hold it like a sponge until the light evaporates.

Then like a faulty atmosphere

The light

The warmth

They flee from my porous interior like murderous fiends

Departing the victim of their latest slaughter.

And I bid farewell with no tears,  no second thoughts.

Because this is how life works.

The descent is the worst.

The descent into the pitch-black canyon that I call a heart.

It pumps not blood, but dust throughout my body.

Every vein.

Every organ.

As I lie

Cold and emotionless

In my deathbed,

I dare to ponder the things of my past.

The memories.

The feelings long since forgotten.

I feel as if every one of them is a shovelful of dirt upon my casket.

My tomb.

Lay me to rest.

Without worry

Without the constant bondage of this impermeable sadness.

This endless sickness will be the death of me.

And if I have my wish

It will take me sooner rather than later.

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