Another Struggle Documented

Posted: March 18, 2011 by BrandonConley in BrandonC

It would seem that I’ve executed another flawless social faux pas

By denying myself the right to a sudden change of scenery.

By becoming an accessory to my own murder.

By accompanying my ghosts as they carry me away.

I am a slave to my indifference.

A casualty of an endless subliminal war to which I’ve lost everything.

I have been paralyzed by my arbitrary fear of failure…

My insatiable need for intellectual superiority has left me without life or limb.

Singing a beautiful song of perpetual sorrow.

I have produce many lines…many words that accentuate my ill-fated story.

These words were never justified by a single shred of irrefutable evidence against my own treason.

I suppose my outcry may seem like a ploy for fame…

But instead I have fallen into the impermeable darkness of infamy.

Is everything irrelevant?


But what criteria do I have to judge coherency?

When it seems that I have lost the last bit of sanity I had managed to retain throughout my youth.

I have never claimed to be innocent,

That would be dishonesty and nothing more.

However, I do feel that my plea for subtle transition

Is not one of pretentiousness, but purely of a sincere desire for something better.

Something beautiful.

Something more than simply existing, searching for a place in which to die.


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