Posted: March 15, 2011 by lhsadkins in TannerA

I sit here, and think about something to write about.

Things cross my mind, like an intersection, and in the road.

Nothing seems to work, or be “strong” enough.

It goes from music, to every day life.

Nothing keeps me content, or occupied for that matter.

It seems so much easier to forget about things, so care-free.

The solution to everything is screaming, and throwing things.

No sorrow or anger shows, which lurks inside me on a daily basis.

Which makes things ten times worse.

I chew on these nails, as my mind wonders off to another planet.

As things seem to get better, it gets worse as the clock ticks.

I dont write poems, I dont write at all, and I hate it.

Which makes me more angry, and the teacher, who doesnt care too much for me, doesnt help.

I get a good idea, then as it gets better, its as if it walks out of my mind.

Just blunt, honest words and whatever seems to jet across my mind.

Not well-thought poetry, that ive put a lot of thought into.

So dont call it anything of the such, or good writing for that matter.

Im me.


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