Posted: March 15, 2011 by haleymeade in HaleyM

“5 minutes to stage” is a phrase that terrifies me.

Hairspray, makeup, and costume check,

It’s showtime.

The sound from the audience hurts my stomach.

The tapping I hear,

from my pointe shoes against the floor,

matches my heartbeat.

I hide in the depths of the curtain,

awaiting my performance to begin.

All I can smell is hairspray, perfume, and sweat.

The smell is terrible on my already upset stomach.

I start to feel nervous, but then I think;

I’m here to do what I love… ballet.

As the curtains open and I enter onto the stage,

I see the blinding lights.

I hear the crowd cheering; it’s fuel to my fire.

The music begins and the crowd silences.

As my feet move and I sway with the music,

It’s as if another person comes alive in me.

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