She Thinks I Don’t Know

Posted: March 15, 2011 by Austin Smith in AustinS

One secret that I know people hide from parents are snuff/chewing. For one thing, I disagree with this. If they told their parents, they could perhaps get help to get rid of this horrible habit or addiction. They might get yelled at, but who honestly isn’t upset when they hear that their child is addicted to snuff? Secondly, you’re lying to your parents, which is a sin. You should never lie to your parents about anything, small or big. Finally, if you got addicted to it in the first place, then more than likely someone got you hooked onto it. This shows that you give into pressure easily and are easily influenced by others. Some would even say that you can’t deal with life without a crutch. This is just one of many supposed “secrets” that people hide from parents or other people.


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