Out with the Old in with the New

Posted: March 15, 2011 by jessidanielle2011 in JessiT

The world has left me for a moment with only my love for pretending.

We are face to face, I’m at a lost for words.

All I can ask is why?

Why do you do this to yourself?

Are they really worth it?

You should know better, but I guess we all make MISTAKES!

Well I know you sure have.

Do you like his lies, hurt, and bull because you sure act like it.

How do you like that broken heart?

Yea, that’s your own fault.

I’m done with you being sad, it’s time for that smile everyone’s talking about to come back.

Do you even remember what it looks like because it’s been a lifetime since it’s anyone’s seen it last.?

You keep asking me why I know all these things.

Do you know why?

I’m you, but I’m not how you thought you’d turn out to be.

You’ve come to realize your tired of all the things to do with “him”,

and now your happy again.

You’ve found that smile.

You being to disappear and I no longer see you and right at that moment….

The world has slowly began to become greet me,

with only my love for pretending.

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