My Most Memeorbale Moments

Posted: March 15, 2011 by brittanyburgess2010 in BrittanyB

The day I learned to ride my bike without training wheels,

The day I lost my first tooth and got so excited that I dropped it and lost it,

The first time I drove a fourwheeler and wrecked it with my best friend on the back,

These are my most memorable moments.

The night I ran away fom home, away from my family, and cried for what seemed like forever,

The day I was forced to move to Virginia with a mother I did not know,

The time I got lost in Wal-Mart and my grandmother had to search for me for hours on end,

These are my most memorabke moments.

The morning I was swinging from a rope on a tree and the rope broke and I rolled over barbwire,

The day I got expelled from Logan Middle for drugs in school,

The day I turned 16 and went out to eat with my mom, my best dinner yet,

Theses are my most memorable moments

…And there are many more to come.

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