Daddy’s Hands

Posted: March 15, 2011 by britnimishelowe in BritniL

There’s oil stains that slide in the cracks of Daddy’s hands

black smudges that no matter how many times he washes them-it will not come off.

The cracks are dry causing him to rub them together in pain-but he dares to complain.

But ther”s also something different

Something soft in those stained-cracked hands.

The way they feel like satin on a warm day against your cold wet cheek.

So light and smooth.

There’s something warm about them…

While taking mom’s fragile hands in his.

The way he holds onto her,

the way he’s so careful with her as if she might break.

Daddy’s hands go deep, if you take a second to study them you would understand…

There’s a strong,loving man…

Behind Daddy’s hands.

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