They Think I Don’t Know.

Posted: March 8, 2011 by brittany1795 in BrittanyH

I lay in bed as the stars shine their brightest. Tears of past nights stain my pillow. I start thinking of the good times I had when I was little. So innocent, so happy, so honest. Now, when I think of these happy days I get a mixture of angry and sad feelings. Angry because I know now that they lied to me, sad because I wish things were still the same. When I could think that everything my family told me was true. I see these families on the streets, and you can see how happy they are. But, I’m by myself, an island in the ocean of my “family.” My heart is a broken organ, worn out and cracked from years of hurt. From years of confusion, my brain is overwhelmed. They think I don’t know what my real dad stands for, what he’s like. But, I do. I know all about the sugar-coating he places on everything. He knows how to get me to believe his lies, how to appeal to my young stupid self. How to make me believe everything’s going to be better.

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