I’m Not Ready

Posted: March 8, 2011 by kerimccoy in KeriM

When they told me it was happening, I didn’t really care

I was just too caught up in my own irrelevant problems,

but when the day actually came and I came to find the packing boxes

all the way up to the ceiling, it felt more like they were

packing half of my childhood away.

It wasn’t just my grandmother’s house,

it was a house full of memories.

The place where my papaw rocked me to sleep,

where I spent countless hours watching Little Bear

while my mamaw curled my hair.

They weren’t just white walls

they seen everything,

the time my sister was in a car wreck and we

all feared for her life…they saw my tears,

but then they seen my little tea parties

and everyone got a cup no matter

what they were doing.

The walls started to whither away after my papaw died,

that’s when they seen me cry for the last time before

a new shade covered the walls making it appear as if it wasn’t

the house I’d came to love for so long;new isn’t always better.

The years passed and I grew up with it

and soon the next thing I know I’m standing in an empty house

wishing I could smell my mamaw’s apple butter and

my papaw’s cologne to feel what simplicity felt like again,

but it had to end as all things do and I turned to walk away…

but I wasn’t ready to let go.




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