I miss you.

Posted: March 8, 2011 by haleymeade in HaleyM

Once again, I’ve found myself missing you; missing what we could have had. You were right, I do look at you everyday and think “what if.” I need you here, more than I ever thought possible. I guess this means you win. I’m not strong enough to go around acting like nothing is wrong, when in reality it is. My feelings for you aren’t any different now, nor will they change any time soon. I guess this is life, and this is where I need to learn how to cope with things. I want you to know that I’m so sorry for everything, and it was truley a blessing to know you. The pain is intense now, but it will all get better in time. I’m guessing this is how life works.

  1. brittany1795 says:

    I understand how to miss someone so much that you’d do anything to get them back. The line ” I’m not strong enough to go around acting like nothing is wrong, but in reality it is.” really stands out to me because I guess it’s the line I can relate to most. Good job Haley 🙂

  2. Preston E. Hepler says:

    There is always a reason to fight for what you want to have, no matter what everyone else thinks. If you believe there is still a hope then go for it, be strong, dont take no for an answer!

  3. farleyjason says:

    This is really good, alot of expression in this peice.