Posted: March 8, 2011 by britnimishelowe in BritniL

Hate is the feeling you get when looking into someone’s deep brown eyes

Wanting to do nothing more than leave them

To watch them fall

To watch them cry…

-But something keeps you standing there looking into his eyes searching for a soul.

Hate is the burning feel you get when hearing his voice

The butterflies being torched

Being destroyed

You feel as they catch fire.

Hate is that long silence on the other end of the phone

That long pause after the word ‘love’

That desperation you feel after his voice lies

Over and Over

Over and Over

But the worst kind of hate is not being able to walk away from him

Hate is when you want to leave him

But you can’t.

The worst kind of hate is love.

  1. haleymeade says:

    I really like this. I can totally relate to it. I really like the line where you’re talking about the butterflies you once had being torched. This is REALLY good.

  2. MarandaLynnell says:

    i love everyting in this. it is very true, loving someone you know is bad for you is horrible. & complicated too. my favorite line is “But the worst kind of hate is not being able to walk away from him” i know exactly how this feels. great job :))