Where I live

Posted: March 7, 2011 by kerimccoy in KeriM

There’s a sharp turn that no one ever sees when

they are just passing, but if you do…

you’ll see my life.

You will get to see the place I first learned to ride a bike,

you’ll see my grandma’s house..that’s where we go for every holiday every year,

& you’ll see the place where my cousins lost their mommy.

Unfortunately you’ll see the place I abandoned,but soon we realized

we needed to come home…minus one person.

You can’t miss the field I played in for countless hours,

you’ll see the place

where I last seen one of the greatest people you will ever meet,

my grandfather.

And if you look closely you’ll see

my heart break and you’ll see it mend all over again

just because of my family.

You’ll see love,hope,and people’s mistakes

but no matter what I know I’ll only have

to walk next door to see someone I’ve

always been happy to see.

My community isn’t anything fancy,

but to me it has something that no other place

has to offer….

my past.

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