Posted: March 7, 2011 by brittany1795 in BrittanyH

Her happy face is replaced with the image of her bluish-purple tinted face, with a trace of drool spilling from her mouth and sliding down her cheek. Her cheers and words of encouragement are replaced by our cries and screams, and the wails of the sirens.

This beautiful day, sunshiney with no clouds is replaced by a thundercloud, with lightning separating us from her, the thunder shaking our hearts, causing them to break.

The bats and helmets in our hands are replaced with our friends,  my cousins, her daughters. The rain comes down as tears out onto our softball uniforms.

The triumphant feeling of us beating the other team is replaced with grief and quietness as we hold each other at her casket, each shakingly signing a softball placed in with her body, once alive and beautiful, now cold and lifeless. Death has made her ugly. As our team goes on with life, each going our own way, we’ll all stay connected with the thing that we weren’t ready for…the thing that’s irreplaceable.


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