Posted: March 7, 2011 by hutch24 in KevinH

Greatness is an achievable trait.

Anyone can achieve Greatness,

While some are born Great.

Greatness can be achieved in many ways, whether it be through sports, academics, or fame. Greatness is a trait that we all wish we had, but Greatness does not come easy to those who are not born Great. Those who are not born Great must work at being Great. For example, Michael Jordan was not nessecerily born Great because for one, he was cut from his high school basketball team, but did he just give up?….No, he wanted to be Great and achieve Greatness, so he worked and worked in order to eventually become the best basketball player to ever play the game.

So like I said, some are born Great, but others must work to achieve this thing we all call….


Quote: “Some are born Great, some achieve Greatness, and some have Greatness thrust upon them.”

  1. brittany1795 says:

    I read your piece Kevin, and you’re right. this is by far my favorite. Some people think that the people we consider “great” work hard to become great, it doesn’t happen overnight. Good Job 🙂