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Posted: December 3, 2010 by Preston E. Hepler in PrestonH

I am a dreamer, I sleep at night wondering what I will do  in the future. Thinking of why I did something, or why I didn’t do something. The time and place to wonder and express yourself is in your dreams each night. All my dreams usually have something to do with what happened that day or something I’m thinking will happen tomorrow or the next day. In my opinion dreams are our brains telling us what they think the most about.

I’ve had thoughts that I’ve been thinking, “Wow, I’ve been here before.” I just kind of figured out by now I did see it or been in that place, it was just in my dreams. I’ve dreamed of doing many things and meeting several important people. I’m not thinking it will definitely happen, but I sure hope it does. If I can really do what I have dreamed about, I can really make the world a better place.

I also have dark, dreary dream. Dreams to where I wake up screaming bloody murder, while my parents are staring at me wondering what is happening. In the moment I go to tell them, I notice I have forgotten what happened and I’m already back asleep dreaming about it again. Yet to this day I couldn’t tell you what some of my horror dreams were about, but I’m glad that I forgot the bad and remember the good dreams.


Its My Life

Posted: December 3, 2010 by lhsadkins in TannerA

I’ve set here, through everything.

Through all of the insults, through the stereotypes,

through every little comment that people decide they have the need to say.

Even when it’s none of their business.

Life is made up of choices,

i’m going to make mine by myself.

With no care about what people think,

with no respect at all for those who think they deserve a spot in my business.

With no respect for those who care about nobody but themselves,

and those who think they’re the best thing since toilet paper.

I’m content with my life,

the last thing I need is somebody judging me by the way I dress.

Or the way I look.

I live MY life. ill live it how I want to.

Not how everybody else wants me to.

I show no agony, no sorrow.

Nothing that gives them a sign that their getting what they want.

Even if the true feeling, inside me, is EXACTLY what they want.

I always seem to find better ways to pretend.

Waiting for the Night Sun.

Posted: December 3, 2010 by brittany1795 in BrittanyH


after it all came out, I wrote a poem to let my feelings out.

Last night,

I told myself I wasn’t going to do it anymore. I told my mom about all the stress that has been bearing on me. I cried myself to sleep.

This morning,

I woke up worried and looking down on the world, wanting to get away from everything and everyone, feeling like I was in another world because my world as fading away before my eyes.

I thought you were the one.

The one I could trust.

The one that would do anything for me.

The one who’d never hurt me.

But I guess saying and thinking that is like asking the sun to shine in the night sky.


When she was 16….

Posted: December 3, 2010 by brittanyburgess2010 in BrittanyB

When she was 16 she moved to West Virginia.

When she was 16 she fell in love and got her heart broken.

When she was 16 her family started falling apart.

When she was 16 she left home twice.

When she was 16 she lost her sister.

When she was 16 she started doing drugs and skipping school.

When she was 16 she stopped caring.

When she was 16 she showed no emotion.

When she was 16 she lost a lot of friends.

When she was 16 she tried to end her own life.

When she was 16 she realized life wasn’t worth living.

Just to Try

Posted: December 3, 2010 by millertime75 in MichaelM

It all started when my mom pulled out a small red box and asked me, “what are these?”.  I could literally feel my heart drop to my stomach.  I was like the feeling right before you get ready fall, it was the worst feeling in the world.

She couldn’t even look at me for the rest of the week.  I tried to explain to her I only tried it once.  She wouldn’t believe me.

There wasn’t really much else to tell her, except that I was sorry.  All I could tell her was that they were just to try.

I am.

Posted: December 3, 2010 by tamikatolliver in TamikaT

I am funny and nice

I wonder about the future

I hear what I want to hear

I see what I want to see

I want to be a billionaire

I am Funny and nice

I pretend to be happy

I feel unbreakable

I touch the sky

I worry about my dad

I cry when I’m hurting

I am funny and nice.

I understand that life’s not easy

I say things i don’t mean when i am mad

I dream about living the good life

I try to do my best at everything

I hope one day I will make it big

I am funny and nice.


Posted: December 3, 2010 by BrandonConley in BrandonC

I look to the stars

(when all else fails)

Trying desperately to find meaning in the constellations.

The rain consoles me

Speaking softly to my spirit

Yet it feels so ancient…

Like the touch of a cold fossil on my cheeks and forehead.

I find myself wondering about the things to come.

(Sleepless nights have always been a regularity)



seem to morph into


That leave me stunned, disturbed, confused…

And (anything but) beautiful.

I wonder if mercy is a relevant concept

When no one is there to give or receive it.

Love is

(the purest form of)


I am losing my will.

Dissolving into barriers that I once ran through.

Dissolving into them and being imprisoned there.

(I try to care)

Yet I always find a way to avoid feeling anything.

I feel


What I am allowed to feel.

I breathe this air…

I drink this water…

I exist.

But at what cost?