Rambling Autobiography

Posted: December 3, 2010 by hutch24 in KevinH

I was born on September 26, 1992 in Charleston, WV. A place of big buildings and large amounts of traffic is what I was born into. I absolutely love chocolate ice cream, I’ve loved chocolate ice cream ever since I seen the Nestle commercial. I didn’t start playing the sport of basketball until I was in ninth grade at Logan High School. I was fifteen years old when I first started watching and playing sports. When I was twelve, I played Little League Baseball as an outfielder for the Logan team. I have lied to my parents before. I bought my favorite NBA basketball players jersey, Kobe Bryant, to wear it to school, because it angered my friends. I have a seven year old brother who loves sports and is just about as competitive as I am. I am a basketball player who plays and learns. I want to be a coach who disciplines and teaches.

  1. brittany1795 says:

    I love chocolate ice cream too :)haha.