Posted: December 3, 2010 by brittany1795 in BrittanyH

There is a girl who’s kidded because she id tiny. This doesn’t bother the girl though. She thinks it makes her unique. But, there are some things that bothers the girl that she hides behind the fake smile that’s plastered on her pale face. The fact that she only has one person she can tell everything to, the fact that her family has lied to her from day 1, the fact that couldn’t do anything right. She talked to her biological dad and suffered through everything that went with it. Her dad coming home angry and upset, hearing him cuss basically for the first time, watching her mom cry, wondering why God had even put her on the earth. Why was it so bad for her to talk to him? Is it because he’s a shadow of her mom’s past? Thoughts of running away crossed her mind but she realized she couldn’t run away from things. She wished she could go away, everyone would be better off. Nobody likes her anyways. So, she built a wall around her heart that no one could tear down, she couldn’t trust anyone anymore. All she heard were lies in her head over and over from people all around her. For once I want someone to tell me the truth about my life, every detail, every aspect.

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