Posted: December 2, 2010 by millertime75 in MichaelM

About a month ago.

At home in his room.

You were talking to him on the phone.

A conversation he will remember forever.

You told him that there was someone else.


At school, he can’t even stomach the sight of you.

It makes him sick, even the thought of you.

I guess some things are just impossible to swallow.


  1. jessidanielle2011 says:

    I love the line “I guess somethings are just impossible to swallow” because I’ve been in the same situation. I can relate to all of it, but in a girls point of view of course.

  2. iircf says:

    The last half really make this poem strike out to me. Such a thing has happened to me in the past before. ~Austin

  3. Preston E. Hepler says:

    “I guess some things are just impossible to swallow” i had a relationship that i found out the hard way… Instead of telling me she just cheated on me and I found out. I thought I would never recover, but I found someone else. It all works out in the long run. You’ll see.