I lost you

Posted: November 30, 2010 by jessidanielle2011 in JessiT

I lost you yesterday, the day came and went

It was like a bad dream I wanted to wake up from,

But I couldn’t because it was so called “reality”

You are the biggest part of who I am

Now life is pointless and meaningless,  but wait

Why should I make someone everything to me,

when I’m nothing to them

Maybe it’s better I lost you to show myself I needed

to feel something different and realize no ones perfect,

and neither are you

That you should never make someone a priority when your only an option to them

Maybe it’s time I realize life isn’t as bad alone as I thought it was

Maybe life’s better without you,

and just maybe my friends have been right all along

So goodbye to you,

and when it all comes down to it

I can honestly say you was the worst mistake I ever

had a pleasure of making.

  1. hutch24 says:

    I love the line ” But I couldn’t because it was so called “reality”.” Becasue I have felt this way too like wanting to wake up from a dream that was absolutely horrible or sad but not being able too because it was the real world itself.