“Stars” by:Cara Simpkins

Posted: October 7, 2009 by csimpkins101 in CaraS



I am a sparkle.

Who doesn’t shine all the time.

I rather shine when it is convenient to me.

I am happy and radiant.

Though to several they see me as sadness.


I twinkle in the darkest hour.

I disappear with the break of day.

I see things most will never see.

And marvel at things others see that I do not.


Don’t compare me to the bright blissfulness of the sun.

It is far too grand.


Don’t compare me to the bright blissfulness of the moon, that doesn’t shine so bright.

Yet both are still more marvelous than I.

I am not a cloud which drifts by and by.

I am but a star.

I have my time to shine.

And have my time to just disappear.

I may be small to the eye.

But to those who know me

I am grand.


Some think I serve no purpose.

But if they only knew what I were capable of,

They might think otherwise


Though I sometimes stop shining in the morning hours.

There will be other days.

Other days when it’s not so much my time to twinkle.

It is my time to shine!

-Cara Simpkins 10.1.09


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