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              A Pine TMB

I am a pine

I stand tall and firm

No matter how much wind


I am made of tough bark on the outside

 hard, sticky wood on the inside

I am stronger than most other trees around me

Unlike a willow,

I don’t bend and let others topple over me


As I become older

 I only become stronger

Unlike others

 who become brittle

and uproot with the slightest breeze

Mother Nature doesn’t get me down

I stay green and active

 no matter the season

All of my neighbors become dormant

 lifeless with no activity

I stay bright and strong all year


Even the wildlife found out I am no Hickory

 squirrels get gummed up as they try to get my pine cones

deer, bear, and coyote get poked and jabbed by my long and sharp spurs

They can’t live off of me

like they can a walnut or beach tree.

I have no food to offer them.

That is why I am always green and strong

all year round.

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