My Spcecial Most Sacred Place. By: Jessica Ball

Posted: September 25, 2009 by gamerqueenjessicab in JessicaB

In mornings

You’ll find me there

Groaning as I’m made to get up.


In evenings

You’ll see me there

Laughing at every little thing.


Sometimes, you’ll see me there in the middle of the day.

Just laying and sleeping

Resting my sick head.


This place is my room

And to me it’s neat.

It has all the little secrets I like to keep.


If the walls could talk

They would tell you a tale

About all the things that go on in my lair.


From sitting and laughing

Jumping and cheering

Crying and yelling

To being startled and screaming.


So many emotions lie trapped in four walls.

A skeleton or two remain locked in the closet.


Ten years of memories stay shut up tight

In case I want to remember the good

The bad

And the extremely ugly.


But no matter what

I think it’s plain to see.

My room is the most special sacred place

To me.

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