Gone (revised) by Kari Back

Posted: September 9, 2009 by kariface in Kari

You thought you’d always have it;

            it would always be there.

    You were wrong.

You remember its gifts,

                  its wonderful surprises,

            its twists and turns.

You remember its harsh lessons,

     its brutal trials,

            its enlightening experiences.

Without it, you feel nothing like you used to.

Your disposition is a day in October;

            warm and sunny one minute,
   cold and bitter the next.

You want so much to be back on that rollercoaster ride;

            to feel the winds of love and laughter surround you once again.

Some lose it quickly,

                     some hold on to it for dear life.

Those who have it take it for granted,

    neglecting to savor every last drop.

Those without it can only dream of its beauty.


You tried to hold on,

                 but now you’ve realized your childhood is gone.

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