I sometimes wonder.

Posted: May 18, 2009 by alexbestep in AlexE

I Sometimes Wonder

Alex Estep


Sometimes I wonder how a room of people can agree how cruel and heartless it is to kill a animal, yet the same people think abortion is acceptable.

I wonder how they see a difference in the two. Both animal and child are innocent, and helpless, both of which never harmed a soul. Something beautiful a miracle God allowed happen.

The only difference I find is that one was created with your help, and ready to throw it away like a piece of worthless trash, that nobody would ever desire.  You say you don’t have time, you can’t afford a child.

Look around, there is a person that can afford children, which would love to start a family with someone they love, but cannot.

You are not only killing an innocent, your ruining a couple’s dreams of ever having a family. And not that that have you not realized all the danger you have put yourself in, of the illness which could consume your being.

Sometimes I wonder if people ever think before they act, sometimes I wonder if people ever think period.


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