You are many.

Posted: May 14, 2009 by desirae13 in Desirae

By: Desirae AKers


You are many.

You are the one

Who makes me want to wear

Something in red.


You are  a hot air balloon

That carries me far away

From all my troubles.


You are that person

Who takes all the pain I feel

And use your healing mind to fix it.


You are the one

Who makes my heart skip a beat

Every time you leave me breathless


I want this feeling to last always

But I wont allow myself to be naïve.

Waiting and hoping is my best bet.


You are the one person in my life

That is able to lift me off my feet.


You are my never ending jump

From a trampoline, allowing me

To be carried away from all

The butterflies you have caged

In my stomach.

My excitement and smile never ends.


You are the big part of why I see

Deeper than four oceans

Rather the dwelling on the surface.


You are the best

Change in me

And no matter what road we

Choose to walk on .


You’ll always have a

Red rose for remembrance

In my heart.


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