There you were-Alex Estep

Posted: May 14, 2009 by alexbestep in AlexE

There You Were

Alex Estep

There you were in that big, red, swing laughing as he pushed you higher and higher.

The sun smiling down on you, birds singing around you, and the wind blowing your hair from your face, the day couldn’t be more perfect.

There you were with a crowd of people, eating a slice of pizza and cheering him on as if it were only the two of you at those football games.

Before he went on the field he blew a kiss from his fingertips which you caught and threw one back.  You smiled as he pretended to put it in his pocket and save it for later.

There you were waiting for him in the Toyota, as he was getting near the two of you locked eyes, making it impossible for you to stop smiling.

As he got into the truck he reached into the pocket of his blue jeans and pulled something out, yet, when he opened his hand to reveal what he had, it was empty. 

He saw the dumbfounded look upon your face and smiled then you remembered it was kiss he saved earlier.  He always knew just how to make you smile.

There you were being woken up in the morning with a kiss on your forehead as he whispers “C’mon, I have something to show you.” 

As you climbed up into the white truck you paid no attention to the music playing around you, only to the hand that rested upon your knee.

There you were on the tailgate of his truck, his arms wrapped around you, holding you close, it was the only warmth you needed.

The smell of pine all around and the warmth of the sun created the perfect atmosphere.  The beauty of the sun rising just above the horizon nearly took your breath away.  He leaned in closer and whispered “There is nothing more beautiful than you.”

There you were six and a half months later, with no swings, smiling suns, kisses or sunrises and there was never a perfect day.  You were tired of all the drinking and all the drugs, tired of washing the clothes that smelt of strong vodka and marijuana, but most of all tired of spending endless nights crying yourself to sleep.

There you were trying to deal with a break that just wouldn’t mend your body tired and weak.  Then one day it was over and you were free again. You were laughing with your friends, without a care in the world; you turn to him “Goodbye, my friend.” You say to him.

And there you were forgetting him, but never the lesson he taught you, and once more you whisper “Goodbye old friend.”

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