Sacred Sinner by Carissa Nelson

Posted: May 14, 2009 by carissan11 in Carissa

I motion my fingers as if locking my mouth shut. I throw away the key & refuse to let a word out. I watch you praise him on Sunday nights, your motions acting as your words. I continually listen to the stories of the weekend roll off your lips, knowing in my mind this ministry will soon be in vain. I keep quiet. But, you’re pretending again Saint. Hypocritical, again.

 You think you’re in with the ‘in-crowd’, the way you chug the last drink of the booze, letting it burn your throat as it travels to give you your much anticipated high. But, I thought boozers were losers, right? I see behind your blood-shot eyes. You can’t hide the strong scent of the burning leaves – the intense aroma, filling your precious givers-of-air with putrid unknowns. I hate to think of that.

 What do you believe you will get out of your immature behavior? Happiness that lasts as long as the euphoric feeling does? Definitely, but all good things come to an end. I promise you that. Do you not realize what this does to our ‘family’, our Creator? Do you not think of the reputation our way of witness receives because of your habit, your must-have minute, maybe, of contentment?

 You think I don’t know? Well, you should know he does. He knows all. I honestly wish he was not all-knowing, so that perhaps he could be sheltered from hurt he does not deserve.


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